A vehicle is an asset. When buying a car, truck, or motorcycle, it’s important to consider the potential resale value should you ever want or need to sell it. And while you own the vehicle, it’s important to maintain the value of it.

Maintaining the value of a car is especially helpful for the purpose of acquiring a car title loan. A vehicle with more value can warrant a bigger loan and there are several ways in which you can protect the value of your car and maximize your borrowing power.

Regular service

Scheduling regular maintenance such as oil changes, oil filter replacements, and tire rotations can go a long way in preserving the long-term health of your vehicle. It’s recommended for most cars to undergo at least an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles and many service stations will also perform a courtesy check of things like brake pads, tire wear, and fluid levels. Preventive maintenance is a short-term investment with potential long-term gains further down the road.  


A nice clean car will appeal more to a lender and thus can earn you a bigger loan. But keeping your vehicle clean is more than just cosmetic. Dirt, dust, salt and anything else picked up on the road can lead to rust and decay that can affect the performance of the car, lead to expensive part replacements, and affect the overall value of the vehicle.


The weather can wreak havoc on a vehicle. Rain, snow, hail and even just the sun beating down on the paint job can all cause a car’s value to take a dip. Store your car in a garage or car port when at all possible.   

Driving habits

Driving your car like Dukes of Hazzard may be fun right now but it won’t be such a good time when you try for a car title loan. Sharp cornering, aggressive acceleration, hard braking and overall rough and tumble driving takes a toll on a car’s condition. Your car may be going fast, but its value is going hard in the opposite direction.

Minimize mileage  

The higher the mileage, the less borrowing power your car is likely to garner. Consider periodically carpooling, using public transportation, riding a bike or doing anything else to save a few miles here and there.

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