CHARLOTTE, N.C. —Goodwill honored local success stories from its job training program Friday.

One of the honorees, Nah Darkwa, is a Charlotte woman who has struggled to find work even with a master’s degree. The organization said Darkwa is a prime example of how its job training program can transform a life.

aWoman Honored for Success After Goodwill Training “They helped develop the skills that I had. They have a way of pulling out your innate abilities,” Darkwa said. Eyewitness News met up with Darkwa at her new job as an outreach specialist at Telehealth Solutions in Mint Hill. She follows up on patient experience for Carolinas Medical Center. It’s a job she never imagined she’d land, as just over a year ago she’d gone on countless interviews, but couldn’t find work, even after earning an MBA.

“The economy had become very challenging. And here I was with my MBA, and for two years I was looking for a job to no avail,” Darkwa said.

She heard about Goodwill’s job training program and enrolled in the seven-week banking and customer service training. She said even though she had a master’s degree, Goodwill helped with more practical skills.

“One thing that they told me, ‘Nah, you have the educational qualifications, but there’s something wrong with your confidence.’ I’ve been home for two years. I’ve been rejected by most companies, I had an accent. And they’re like, ‘No, you’re accent is beautiful. All you need is that confidence,’” Darkwa said.

Darkwa loves her job and wants anyone who’s struggling to consider Goodwill training. This award only encourages me to keep going, and it motivates me to continue to be excellent in pursuing my career goals,” she said.

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Source:; Natalie Pasquarella; May 16, 2014.