If you’ve been following our blog, you know we’ve spent a lot of time discussing the credit check process. We’ve talked about what a credit check is and why you sometimes have to have one. We’ve also discussed options for getting cash fast without checking your credit score.

This week we’re looking at ways you can improve your credit score. Everyone knows you should always pay your credit card on time and try to keep your balance as low as possible. These tips, which come to us from YouTuber ThioJoe, are less obvious. Check out his video below.

Smart Ways to Boost Your Credit Score

ThioJoe has made a name for himself on YouTube for his witty and well-produced videos on current technology. The above video is more of a straight-forward advice vlog. Let’s give a quick recap of the tips for lowering your credit score he talks about.

File Your Taxes Early

You probably know that paying your bills early is a good idea. Credit check companies like signs of financial responsibility, and filing your taxes early counts, too.

Use Coupons

Grocery stores often report customer credit card usage to credit bureaus. These reports also contain statistics on which customers use coupons. The credit bureaus see coupon use as another sign of responsibility. Save yourself some money and give your credit score a boost at the same time.

Have a College Degree

Some of you might be working toward this one, while others may have different priorities. That’s perfectly fine. Just know that universities send lists of graduates to credit agencies so they know who has a degree and who doesn’t. You don’t need a college degree to succeed, but credit agencies still see them as a sign that you know how to handle money.

Increase Your Savings

We’ve talked about savings before, and if you’re steadily adding money to your savings account instead of dipping into them for emergencies, you should see a positive change in your credit rating over time. Sticking with the theme, credit bureaus like seeing that you know how to save money and maintain a budget.

Don’t Buy Cigarettes or Alcohol

Vices can be costly. Credit companies don’t like seeing purchases for so-called “high risk” items on your statement. This could cause you to receive higher interest rates than you might otherwise. Moderation is always a good call when using these kinds of products, but we encourage you to use your best judgment.

While it’s always a good idea to take measures to improve your credit score, remember that you don’t need a credit check of any kind when you apply for a payday loan. Cash Fast Loan Centers can get you a no-hassle cash advance in as little as 15 minutes during your next visit to one of our locations.

Call today if you have any questions about our services, or visit one of our loan centers in the Charlotte area. We look forward to helping you.