As the weather gets warmer, it’s hard to keep your mind off summer vacation. At Cash Fast, we know how hard it can be to plan a vacation on a tight budget — especially when you’re bringing the whole family.

This summer, keep daydreaming, and take that vacation instead of skipping it.

Read below for some ideas that will make vacations more affordable for the whole family, so you can have some fun without breaking the bank.

A Great Summer Vacation, No Matter Your Budget

Set Up Camp

Find a nearby campground in South Carolina to cut down on gas costs, or go for a drive towards the coast for a more picturesque camping experience.

Camping eliminates the cost of housing accommodations wherever your adventure takes you, so all you’ll need to buy is food and supplies for the duration of your trip. If you camp near a river, lake, ocean, or mountain, you’re sure to be near plenty of activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Wait Until the Last Minute

Cruise lines offer huge discounts for last minute passengers — after all, they might as well fill up the ship!

Some are offered at as low as half of the regular price. So keep an eye on upcoming dates and check for any remaining tickets, and make sure all your companions are ready to go at a few days notice.

Travel During the Off Season

Yes, we know we’re talking about summer vacations. But if your travel dreams are big, it may be more manageable to travel somewhere during the off season.

Consider visiting warm destinations during the summer, or bundle up for a freezing cold (but surely beautiful) Europe trip in the dead of winter. You’ll save money on travel, and you can achieve your vacation goals for much less.

Plan a Staycation

Okay, so this isn’t technically a vacation. But spending a week or weekend getting to know your hometown a little better and living like a tourist is definitely the least expensive way to enjoy vacation.

Transform your home into an island paradise with cheap decorations (think dollar store), take a few days off of work, and try activities you normally wouldn’t. You’ll probably have more fun than you expect, and your savings account will thank you later.

Whatever you decide, relax and have fun while you’re on your vacation (or staycation). You deserve it.