New Year’s resolutions are great opportunities to get a fresh start and improve your life. If you’re anything like most Americans, finding ways to save more money is near the top of your list. Fortunately, you can make great headway by adopting just a few minor lifestyle changes. Here are some helpful money-saving resolutions.

Like all resolutions, some setbacks are to be expected. If you’re caught off-guard by sudden expenses along the way, you can make ends meet with a convenient title loan from Cash Fast Loan Center in Clover, South Carolina.

New Year’s Resolutions to Help Yourself Save Money in Clover, SC

Cut Out the Small Expenses

Maybe you pick up a cup of coffee every morning or go out for lunch several times a week. These small expenditures can add up to a massive portion of your budget. Limiting these convenience purchases or cutting them entirely can save you hundreds in a year.

Prep Food Ahead of Time

Buying and prepping your lunches in bulk can save you both time and money. Just make several large servings of the same meal Sunday night and pack them up in plastic containers to reheat and eat throughout the week. This way you aren’t wasting money on ingredients for individual meals every day.

Here are just a few delicious and easy prep-ahead meals.

Eat Less Meat

Another way to save on food is to eat less meat. Meats are typically the most expensive part of any meal, and it can be substituted for high-protein vegetables like broccoli, mushrooms, legumes, and tofu. Avoiding meat can also help you improve your health. Try incorporating a “Meatless Monday” into your weekly schedule to get started.

Set Aside Extra Money

If you end up coming in under budget, it can be tempting to blow that windfall on a night out. If you save any extra money you have at the end of the month, you can start to build a rainy day fund.

Try saving a third, using a third to pay down existing debts, and using the final third to treat yourself the next time you’re under budget.

Stop Carrying Your Credit Card

Credit cards are convenient and great for emergency purchases. However, having them with you at all times makes it too easy to splurge on random impulse buys. Carry just enough cash with you for the things you need to buy through the day, and keep your credit card in a sealed envelope in case you need it.

Cancel Services You Don’t Use

Do you have some streaming service or premium channel that you never watch? Maybe you’ve still got a landline phone but only use your mobile phone. Check the different services you’re paying for and find out what you’re willing to let go.

Car Title Loan

If some sudden expense has put a strain on your budget, you can find relief with a car title loan. A title loan lets you put your car’s title up as collateral to take out some money. The amount you can take out depends on the value of the vehicle. No credit check is needed, and appointments last just 15 minutes.

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