An easy way to cut spending during one of the most expensive times of the year is to make personalized, DIY holiday gifts for your friends and loved ones!

Buzzfeed recently published THIS article with a wide array of simple, personal, and incredibly cute DIY holiday stocking stuffers, as well as THIS article with tons of great DIY gifts for your favorite foodie!

DIY personalized coffee mugs — Decorate away with permanent marker, then bake it for 30 mins at 180 deg C. Allow to cool completely before using or washing. Hand washing is fine, but putting through the diswasher may remove the design. You can also use the mug as a gift box and fill it with lots of goodies. Come one, it doesn’t get much easier than this!

Homemade strawberry jamshutterstock_60398722Winter is a time for decadent breakfasts and afternoon teas! Nothing more glorious than a fresh scone with homemade jam. This gift will be polished off within days, that’s for sure. Click here for the mouthwatering recipe.

DIY vintage teacup candles — Anything with the word “teacup” in the title must be adorable. This classic candle project does not disappoint. Another project which will not take longer than a trip to the mall and is actually fun to make.

Gift for him: manly apron — It’s a fact, men are actually starting to cook more and more! Even if the man in your life isn’t aspiring to be a chef, there is a good chance he’ll be firing up the barbecue in the coming year. Better do it in style! Click Here to see the tutorial for this ‘extremely hot’ apron.

Upcycled wine glass lamps — You just can’t go wrong with these stylish home decorations! All you’ll need for these lamps are wine glasses and craft paper in any color you like. Check out the quick how-to to learn how to get started!

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