So, you’ve resolved to save more money this year. But if saving money isn’t part of your routine,  you may be wondering where to even start.

Saving money doesn’t mean you have to completely overhaul your spending habits. In order to make a big impact on your savings account, you really only need to change a few habits or adopt a few ones.

Simple Tips to Help You Save Money

Skip the Morning Coffee Run

Your favorite Caramel Mocha is only $3.50. What’s the big deal, right? When trying to save money, though, it’s important to remember little charges like this add up. Buying a $3.50 coffee each weekday morning ends up costing you around $70 a month. That’s a staggering $840 a year.


Bring Your Own Lunch

Your fast food lunches can add up just as much as your morning coffee. Don’t think this means you’re doomed to eat PB&Js forever, though. The internet is full of ideas for fun brown bag lunches. All it takes is just a little extra planning when compiling your weekly grocery list.


Split the Entrée

If you are going out to eat, consider splitting your entrée with a friend. Not only will this save you a little cash, but it’ll prevent you from wasting food or walking out of the restaurant feeling bloated. To avoid leaving feeling hungry, pick a restaurant known for big portions. If nobody in your party is up for sharing, then consciously divide your meal into two portions and vow to take one home. Leftovers are great for those brown bag lunches!


Shop Generic Brands

While purchasing name brand items from the grocery store are tempting, those big names also come with a bigger price tag. The store brands are cheaper and usually taste just as good, if not better, than the big name. If you feel you can’t go without your Jif peanut butter, then it’s okay to splurge sometimes. Just be sure to pick up that generic brand for everything else.


Get Rid of Cable

Saying goodbye to your monthly cable bill is an easy way to save some cash. If you can’t quit TV cold turkey, then consider a subscription service like Netflix or Hulu. They won’t have the latest seasons of your favorite shows like cable, but the monthly payment will be a fraction of  your typical cable bill. 
Yes,  adopting these money-saving habits for the first time can make you feel a little deprived, but you’ll get used to it over time.  You’ll become a money saving pro before you know it, and your savings account will thank you.