We all have our favorite tricks up our sleeves to help us save big on must-have items for the home. But how many of your everyday items could you be saving money on by utilizing the dollar store? The dollar store is beautiful for one very simple reason: everything costs a dollar. So what can you buy there instead of paying regular grocery store or convenience store prices?

Dollar store savings can be made on items for every room in your house, starting with your living room. Stock up on candles, batteries for the remote and other electronics, and simple decor pieces like picture frames. Three easy switches and a purchase that could have cost you more than $20 is now costing you $3.

Another room to think about while you’re in the dollar store is the kitchen. Useful items like glassware, sponges, and dish soap can cost more than $3 or $4 each at grocery stores or supermarkets, but will save you lots of money at the $1 price in the dollar store.

Cleaning products are a necessity and can be costly at regular supermarket prices, but check out your local dollar store for savings on the cleaning supplies you use in your bedroom, bathroom and all over your house. You can pick up shower cleaner, glass cleaner, many types of disinfectants, and laundry detergents at the dollar store to keep more of your money in your pocket.

More Ways to Save: Three Fun Ways to Cut Costs

What to do when the desired product can’t be bought at a dollar store? Don’t worry—there are tons of additional ways to save.

For items that just can’t be bought at a dollar store, try couponing. Yes, that just means finding and collecting coupons to use for items you need at the store! Some people think of it as a hobby, some people make it a lifestyle, and some people make it on TLC’s “Extreme Couponers.” No matter your level of commitment, a discount is always a good way to save!

If you have items that you buy repeatedly and often, try buying in bulk. Stores like Costco and Sam’s Club sell items in mass quantities at very reasonable rates, making the price per item cheaper in the long run (and your trips to the store less frequent).

As far as entertainment goes, utilize sites like Groupon for daily dining, adventure and getaway deals, or apps like RetailMeNot for savings on clothing and department stores. Both apps allow you to personalize your preferences so that you can receive notifications about deals that will save you more money. Other money management apps help you save money with your current budget, so don’t forget to look for savings in your own wallet!

Where there is a will to save, there is a way to save. Start with some simple dollar store swaps, and download a savings app or two. Your wallet will thank you!