In the Carolinas, summer heat can be hard to bear sometimes. It can be instinct to blast the air conditioning for a respite from the oppressive warmth. However, a well air-conditioned house comes with a high price tag.

If you’re tight on cash, you can save yourself some money this summer with these easy tips to help beat the summer heat.

Tips for Affordable Relief from Summer’s Heat in Carolina


With the beautiful weather of a Carolina summer, leaving the blinds wide open is tempting. However, tons of heat comes in through the windows. Blocking out the sun’s rays cut the heat going through your house by as much as 45%. White blinds are the best for deflecting sunlight.

Cold Water on Wrists

You can quickly cool off most of your body by running cold water on certain specific points. These spots are close to major veins, letting cooled blood move throughout your body.

The easiest spots to reach are your wrists. Run them under cold water in the sink for several seconds when you get too hot.

Use Public Spaces

Public areas like libraries or coffee shops always have excellent air conditioning. If you’ve got some work to do, or are meeting someone, consider one of these locations.

Maximize Your A/C

Running a fan and an air conditioner at the same time can help cut the cost of cooling your home. With the fan blowing the cool air around, you can have the A/C at a much lower setting.

Cook Outside

Give your oven a break! The oven is a massive source of heat in any home. By cooking outdoors, you keep yourself from having to bring extra heat indoors by leaving the oven alone. Cooking out lets you enjoy the weather and some delicious grilled food.

Take Cold  Showers

This one action has two effects. It keeps energy costs down by using the water heater less, and it gives you a refreshing break from the ht weather.

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