Financial difficulties don’t have to mean your pet gets less. There are plenty of affordable ways you can continue to shower the four-legged member of your family with affection while you get your budget back on track.

Free and Cheap Ways to Spoil Your Pet in Clover, SC


Homemade Toys: Don’t pay the massive markup on pet toys. Making your own pet toys is affordable and fun, and many of them can be thrown together from things you have laying around your house.

One of our favorites uses a paper towel roll, paper, and some tape. Cut some holes and slits in the roll and fill it with your pet’s favorite treats, and seal off the sides with paper. Both cats and dogs will enjoy rolling the toy to get treats to come out.

Local Parks: Dogs also love getting a chance to explore the outdoors. There are plenty of local parks you can bring your furry friend to, like the Clover, South Carolina, Community Park. If you’re willing to make a drive, you can take your pooch to socialize with other dogs at Central Bark in Tega Cay.

DIY Pet Bed: Sleep is most pets’ favorite activity. Make your dog or cat’s nights more comfortable, keep hair out of your own bed, and save money by making your pet a bed from repurposed things around the house.

Affordable Pets

If you haven’t chosen a pet yet, consider getting a smaller breed. Overall, smaller animals need less food, shaving dollars off your budget.

You can also save money by rescuing your cat or dog. Rescue fees are usually very low and rescue animals often come with neutering and vaccination already taken care of. You’ll also be giving a loving home to an animal in need.


As much as we’d love to, we can’t take pets on every trip. You can save money by skipping the kennel and boarding your pet with a relative or a friend. If you’re worried about your pet adjusting to new surroundings poorly, try to find someone who can stay in your home or visit your pet while you’re away.


As expensive as vet bills can get, skipping medical care is not an option for pet owners. However, there are ways to lower healthcare costs for your four-legged friends.

Shop around for vet prices. Certain organizations, like rescue shelters, animal welfare groups, and veterinary schools, do basic treatments like neutering, spaying, and vaccinations for less. You can find many of them with this simple search tool.

Although it’s unintuitive, you can actually save on vet bills by taking your pet to the vet more often. With regular checkups, your vet will be able to spot health concerns before they become major issues.

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