Spring is finally here, which means a chance to get away and travel. Last year we wrote a blog on how to stretch your vacation dollar, but what about souvenirs? Everyone wants to bring back something to help them remember their trip, but all the gifts you buy for yourself and your family can add up.

We’ve included a few of our favorite cost-effective souvenir ideas for your next trip from Clover, South Carolina.

Affordable Souvenirs You Can Bring Back From Your Vacation from Clover

One way you can save is by vacationing close to home. All of these great destinations are less than six hours from Clover, South Carolina:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Outer Banks, NC
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Richmond, VC

Get Something Practical

If you’re going to throw down money on a souvenir, why not get something you’ll actually use?

Clothes are probably the best example of a practical souvenir, but avoid the overpriced, low-quality tourist store t-shirts that line the bottom of most dressers. Opt for an identifiable shirt, swimsuit, pair of sandals, or sunglasses that can become a part of your regular wardrobe. You’ll be reminded of your trip every time you wear it.


You probably already have a way to obtain this souvenir in your pocket right now. Just make sure to snap a quick shot of every place you stop, and by the end of the trip, you’ll have dozens of memories. You can print these and put them on display or just upload them to social media to share with those you care about.

A Journal

Keep a journal of your activities while you’re out on vacation. This can include short blurbs, sketches, or anything that will immediately transport you back in time when you leaf through it later.

Found Souvenirs

You can also find a great souvenir on the ground. If you’re camping this may be a leaf or some soil. If you’re on the beach, you might want to grab some shells or stones. Just make sure to be careful about what you take. It is against the law to take sand from some beaches. If you are traveling internationally, you won’t be allowed to bring any soil or sand back with you.

Start a Pencil Club

What can you get for friends and family back home? One way to make sure you have everyone covered for very little money is to start a pencil club. Every time a member of the club travels, they bring pencils home for everyone else involved. Souvenir pens and pencils are cheap and easy to find at any souvenir shop.

The traded gift doesn’t have to be pencils. Any small, identifiable item will do. This can also include cocktail swizzle sticks, shot glasses, postcards, or bookmarks.

Something Small But Meaningful

Sometimes the smallest items pack the most punch. A keychain can remind you of your trip every time you grab your keys. If you collect magnets of every trip you go on, you can turn your fridge into a giant passport.

Local spices, beers, or wines can also help you bring the flavors of your trip home with you.

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