Online shopping simply can’t be beat—there’s a wealth of deals, a wider selection of products, and you can skip the crowds. You can do it in the comfort of your own home and the products are delivered directly to your door. Best of all, you can shop for  the product you want at the best price.

But it’s hard to take advantage of online deals if you don’t know where to find them. Fortunately, there are many sites out there that exist solely to help you find what you want for the best deal.

The 7 Best Online Sites to Find the Best Deals

Amazon’s Deal of the Day

It’s hard to think back to a time before Amazon, with good reason. With thousands of sellers competing for buyers in one place, you can find just about anything you want for the best price.

And with a Prime subscription, you can forget about shipping costs. Amazon also offers multiple “Deals of the Day.” Just hop on over to their site, view their daily deals, and order the product(s) you’ve been eyeing. The discount is automatically applied.


This site utilizes user entries to find the best deals online. Along with making submissions, users can also vote on their favorite deals. The more popular a deal, the higher it ranks on the DealsPlus homepage.

Visiting this site is an easy way to view the internet’s hottest deals in one place.

Ben’s Bargains

Tracking about 2,000 retailers, Ben’s Bargains takes finding the best deals very seriously. It publishes around 150 to 200 deals daily and always includes price history data on any product they’ve published before.

Additionally, users can register to receive alerts when certain products, brands, or stores are added to the site.

DealNews deploys a dedicated team of employees to consistently track products at over 2,000 online stores and update the site over 200 times a day. The most unique feature about this site is that it works directly with retailers and features deals you won’t find anywhere else.

Tracking more than 6,000 companies and their latest discounts, may feature the widest range of products. They’ve conveniently organized all products into specific categories, such as clothing, toys, and travel, making search a breeze.

This site doesn’t just publish deals from nationwide chains. It also directs users to local deals in over 75 cities.

While this site doesn’t track the latest and greatest online deals, it finds users the lowest price for a specific product on the internet. In a simple format, produces a list of onlines stores offering the product, their prices and shipping costs, along with seller information and ratings.


Though it’s not a website, this extension for Google Chrome is still a great way to save some money here and there. If you have Honey installed on your browser, it will automatically apply coupon and promo codes to your purchases. You’ll find discounts across multiple sites, including Amazon.

With sites as helpful as these, you’ll never pay full price online ever again. Try out a few today and see just how much money you can save!