The only part of a holiday card that isn’t such a joy to read is the price that’s printed on the back. Holiday cards have seemingly become so expensive in recent years and have left many shoppers wondering if there is an alternative.

If you have a lot of people to get cards for but not a lot of cash to do it, you have two options: Tap into your creative side and make your own or get an easy payday loan to help you stay afloat during the holiday season.

Make Your Own Cards

You don’t need any real artistic skills to save money by making your own holiday cards. Consider the following tips:

  • Cut out words or images from last year’s holiday cards to make a holiday card collage.
  • Use holiday stickers to decorate a card without having to draw anything.
  • Use holiday photos and images from the internet that can be printed off for use on a card.
  • Things like felt, buttons, cotton balls, glitter, and even small twigs from your Christmas tree can all be attached to a card to give it some texture.
  • Try personalizing the card. If the person you’ll be giving it to has a particular thing they love like basketball or cats, try working that into the theme of the card.
  • Pinterest is loaded with many examples of homemade cards and how to make them.

Get a Loan to Buy Cards

If you come to the realization that you just don’t possess enough talent to make your own cards, you aren’t entirely out of luck. An easy payday loan can help you survive the holiday season by giving you the cash you need right now to buy cards or gifts.

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