From the changing leaves to the excitement of upcoming holidays, fall is full of family-friendly activities. Don’t let unexpected expenses keep you from enjoying the season. There are tons of free and affordable fall activities your whole family can enjoy.

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Cheap or Free Ways to Enjoy Your Fall Once You Get Your Quick Cash Payday Loan

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Visit a Local Farm

One of the best places to enjoy the harvest season is a farm. Some local farms open their doors to the public with hayrides, petting zoos, pumpkin picking, and corn mazes. Lewis Farms in Gastonia, North Carolina, charges only $5 to stop by for fall fun on October weekend days.

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You don’t need to travel to enjoy the beauty of the changing foliage. Take a walk through a public park or find a nearby hiking trail to take in the colors of fall.

Collect Leaves

You can also take some souvenirs of the season. While out on one of your fall walks, pick up some of the colorful leaves you find. Once you get them back home, preserve the leaves so you can all remember this fall. Flattening the leaves under books, or ironing them between sheets of wax paper are easy methods.

Make a Birdfeeder

Another simple and affordable craft for kids in fall months is making a birdfeeder. You can go with the classic pinecone feeder, or repurpose old trash and use a discarded toilet paper roll. Just cover the feeder with peanut butter and seeds, and hang it in your yard. Plenty of migrating birds make their appearance in fall months.

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Don’t let the falling temperatures keep you from enjoying your weekends outdoors. Everyone loves outdoor bonfires, and they can help you get rid of some of the yard waste and leaves that fall over the season.

Surprise expenses don’t have to keep you indoors this fall. These affordable autumn activities and quick cash payday loans from Cash Fast can help your family enjoy the season. Stop by Cash Fast near Gastonia, North Carolina, to get approved.