In recent years, companies that offer easy cash loans have been given a bad reputation. A lot of that press comes from getting false information. And some sources, like traditional banks or loan companies, have reasons to make the industry of quick cash loans sound criminal. So, that honestly begs the question: who actually needs easy access to cash loans?

Big banks. Local banks. National loan companies. They look at the bottom line: are you likely to pay back a loan? And this answer comes from your past, not necessarily your present. Mistakes you made 7 years ago can still have an impact on your credit score. While it’s the most significant, a bad credit score is just one of several reasons you could be denied a loan:

  1. You lost your job.
  2. You recently added new debt.
  3. You lack a history of credit.

Yes. At certain times when you need access to money the most, financial institutions can turn you away to fend for yourself—even not having an opportunity to prove that you are worthy of a loan (no credit history) can leave you out of luck.

The Benefit of Quick, Easy Cash Loans

As much negativity that may surround our industry, there are many of us who genuinely want to help. And we provide the quick, easy access to cash that you may need to cover medical costs, repair expenses, utility bills, or other unexpected financial burden.

Now, are we saying that every person should apply for a payday advance or car title loan?

No. But we do believe that people who need a bit of help—and have the ability to pay back a loan—should have an opportunity to get the money they need. So, who really needs an easy cash loan?

People who…

  1. Have suffered sudden job loss.
  2. Made mistakes that hurt their credit.
  3. Are in between paychecks and have an unexpected expense.

If you do not have a history of credit, you typically will not benefit from a cash loan. That’s because companies in this industry typically do not report to credit agencies, unless you refuse to pay your debt, which will hurt your credit score.

Should you have questions about a payday advance or car title loan, we have answers. And other resources. And our staff will be happy to address any questions you have regarding interest rates, repayment, or other important pieces of information you may need.

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