When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade. But where do you turn if you don’t even have the money to buy ingredients for lemonade? When you need cash, you need it fast. Circumstances such as unexpected medical bills, urgent car repairs, accidents, and others can prevent you from enjoying that tall, refreshing glass of lemonade in life.

So where is the best place you can turn to when you need cash fast? Let’s explore options.

Option #1: Personal Bank Loan

Your local bank or credit union offers personal loans. There are two kinds of bank loans: secured and unsecured. To get a secured loan, you have to put up something major you own for collateral, like your house. You also must have a great credit score.

An unsecured loan will not ask you for collateral, but you still have to put in an application evaluating your income, current debt, and other financial information. Typically, you can get more money at a lower interest rate with a secured loan than an unsecured loan.

While you could shop around at different banks trying to get a lower rate, you put your credit score at risk. Each loan application will require a credit check, and too many credit checks can lower your credit score. In turn, your rates lenders will offer you will go up, defeating the whole purpose of trying to shop around for the best rate in the first place.

Option #2: Apply for a Credit Card

You may receive credit card offers in the mail promising 0% interest, but don’t be tempted to automatically turn to those for a quick way to get money. Credit cards can come with interest rates and fees that are hidden in the fine print, and you still have to fill out an application to get one.

The temptation to purchase beyond your means can be too great with a credit card since it’s so easy to just swipe your card and forget about paying off that bill each month. Speaking of easy, an increase in identity theft in recent years gives serious concern when protecting yourself while using credit cards for purchases.

For any of these ways to get money quickly, you could be approved in a matter of minutes. However, it could take days or even weeks to be approved, and you need the money. Fast. Even if you do wait, you might be rejected due to poor credit, missing information, or other data beyond your control. Then you’re back in the same predicament as you were before you explored options.

Option #3: Come to Carolina Cash Fast

Cash Fast Loan Centers offer Charlotte, North Carolina (and surrounding area) residents an easy option for quick cash. We don’t require a credit check, lengthy applications, or any risks like identity theft. We make the process easy to get cash fast.

All you need to bring with you are the following items for a payday advance loan:

  • Your most recent checking statement
  • Your driver’s license
  • Your social security card
  • Your check book
  • Your most recent pay stub

We’ll help give you that cash you need so you can sit back and enjoy that glass of lemonade you made from scratch after life so graciously gave you those lemons. Drink up! We’d love to help you at Cash Fast Centers. Come by one of our two conveniently located storefronts in Clover and Fort Mill, South Carolina, just an easy 20-minute drive from greater Charlotte.