Your yearly holiday party is a great time to get together with family and friends, but it can put a major dent in your budget, especially if you’re already experiencing financial issues. A tight budget shouldn’t mean you don’t celebrate. Here are some ways to throw a festive holiday bash for less.

How to Host a Holiday Party on a Budget

Postpone the Holiday Gift Exchange

It may be more difficult to capture the holiday mood in early January, but if you can put off your gift buying, you’ll be able to save big. Stores will be lowering prices and offering sales to move the extra inventory and items they weren’t able to sell over the holiday shopping season. Take advantage of these discounts and have your gift exchange later.

Have a Wrapping Party

The presents aren’t the only thing that can add up this season. Wrapping paper, tags, ribbons, and bows aren’t cheap. However, if you get together with some friends, you can spread out the cost of these supplies. Wrapping parties are also an affordable way to spend more time with loved ones.

Make it a Potluck

The meal is usually one of the most significant expenses of any party. You can decrease the food budget by asking guests to bring their own dishes. If you still want some control over the menu, assign the foods that people make. It’s also fun to let them choose whatever dish best represents them. Either way, you’ll get a great variety without the costs.

Get Creative with the Decor

Getting your home ready for the season shouldn’t have to mean spending money on expensive lights and decorations. You can create a festive feel for less by using what you already have around you. Consider making your own wreaths from branches and pinecones you find in your yard. You can also get a lot of mood out of just a few candles.

Here are some decoration ideas you can use for yourself.

Limit Drink Options

Having an open bar full of limitless cocktail options is fun, but it isn’t realistic on most budgets. Consider creating a single punch, cocktail, or beverage choice for the night. Doing so won’t just save you money, but also limit leftover ingredients. So what should you make? Consider a nice mulled wine or some aged eggnog.

Consider a Payday Loan

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