Life happens. Sooner or later, chances are you’ll be met with a sudden expense you weren’t planning for, and at that point you’ll be wondering what to do. It might be your rent, your car, a medical expense, or even something less dire like a much-needed weekend away with friends.

When you get to that moment, you have a decision to make: Should you apply for a new credit card or take out a payday loan?

Credit Cards are Useful, but They Have Serious Drawbacks

With responsible spending and repayment, it can be beneficial to have a credit card. If you use the card regularly and stay on top of your payments, you’ll be able to build up and improve your credit score. You can also accrue bonus points via your credit card company’s rewards programs.

However, there are a number of reasons that credit cards are not well suited for situations when you need cash fast.

  • Application Process: Getting a credit card isn’t always as easy as calling up a credit card company and asking for one. You’ll have to pass credit check and then, if you’re approved, wait for your card to be delivered.
  • Credit Limit: Credit cards come with a spending limit, and it’s typically lower for the first three months that you have a card. If your sudden expense exceeds the limit on your credit card, you’re going to be out of luck.
  • Fees and Penalties: With a credit card comes the risk of steep fees and penalties. One missed payment can turn into a vicious cycle as you wind up more in the hole than you were before. Activity like that can also have a negative impact on your credit score.

When You Need Cash Fast, a No Hassle Payday Loan is the Way to Go

In those cases when life happens, sometimes you just need money and you need it right now. That’s what a payday loan is for, and we provide them with no hassle at Carolina Cash Fast. We offer the easiest road to a cash advance in the greater Charlotte area, and our process is refreshingly simple.

All you need to apply for a payday loan at one of our locations is:

  1. Your most recent checking statement
  2. Your driver’s license
  3. Your social security card
  4. Your check book
  5. Your most recent pay stub (as proof of employment)

It takes just minutes for us to process your information, and when we’re done, you’ll be walking out the door with cash in hand. No application. No credit check. Just cash fast.
We give you what you need to make it to your next paycheck and get on with your life. That’s how it happens at Carolina Cash Fast. Feel free to call or visit us if you have any questions.