Payday loans are notorious for their short payment periods and high costs in fees and interest. Though sometimes desperate times require drastic action, repaying a payday loan can sometimes prove difficult. With a few budgeting tips, it can be possible to pay off payday loans for good.

Paying Payday Loan Debt

Paying off debt is easier said than done for those desperate enough to seek such a loan in the first place. The usual advice to avoid eating out or get a side gig tends to ring hollow. Still, there are a few options to consider.


Budgeting is essential, and those who are already doing it should take a long and careful look at their expenses. Money can sneak away from people if they don’t pay attention, even ones who find it hard to make ends meet.

Money-Saving Ideas

Payday loans should be paid off as soon as possible because of their high-interest rates. Remember that any drastic money-saving maneuvers will be temporary but must be done.

Streaming Services. One potential cost-saving measure is to cancel any streaming services. A single streaming service doesn’t amount to much money saved, but many people subscribe to multiple services, which can add up to a substantial sum. One or two months of service can help get that loan paid off. You can always catch up once you can resubscribe.

Sell Unused Items. Do you have designer clothes, handbags, or shoes that are sitting in your closet unused? How about jewelry or electronics? Now is the time to clean the house and sell any used items. High-end items will bring in more, so focus on those first.

Cook at Home. If you eat out a lot, now is the time to start cooking at home. Cooking at home is much cheaper than eating a restaurant meal (including most fast food) and is especially true if you have a drink with dinner. Alcohol is marked up 30% in restaurants. Save money – eat and drink at home. Give up those expensive coffees – remember it’s temporary.

Transportation. Can walk instead of drive? Carpool? Public transportation? Bicycle? Check your transportation expenses. Everyone’s circumstances are different, but crunch the numbers to see if there is a way to reduce or eliminate any costs in this category.

Payday loans are harsh, and delays in paying them off can quickly get incredibly expensive. While it might take every trick in the book to pay the debt off, it’s worth it to make sure the payday loan is taken care of once and for all.

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