There are times that we all find ourselves in a predicament that requires quick access to cash. There are dozens of scenarios that put us in a bind, leaving us to wish it were payday. That’s where a cash advance loan can be a smart financial move, giving you access to the money you need when you need it.

Here’s a basic definition of a cash advance loan—it’s a short-term loan that can come in the form of either a payday advance or a car title loan. All you need to do is find a trusted center that will give you solutions, not hassles.
But if you’re thinking, “Well, I can just wait until payday.” … or …  “There will be another opportunity for me in the future, so I don’t need the cash right now.” … We want to demonstrate to you how a cash advance can help you meet the love of your life.


Scenario #1: Paying Your Utility Bills

It’s the end of the month. Water and electricity bills are due. Unfortunately, you recently had to drop extra money to buy a set of tires for your car (long story). You just can’t stretch your bank account any other way, so you are at a loss. Fortunately, you can get a cash advance loan if you have a job or a car title in your name.

So, you pay your bills. Lights are on. Water is running. Your friend George calls. He’s embarrassed because he was supposed to have a small party (you weren’t going because of those darn tires), but the pipes under his sink burst. Now he needs a place to host it; he can’t just cancel, right?

Your cash advance was able to support you in the layup shot and an assist to George. Turns out, when he gets there, his girlfriend brought her cousin—who just so happens to be single. And guess who’s the hero of the day for saving the party?


Scenario #2: Paying Your Medical Expenses

It’s just a regular day with typical things happening. You went to work. You stopped at the grocery store on the way home. And you were walking up to the check-out line when you tripped over your own shoe laces, falling and breaking your ankle.

And this was the worst time to injure yourself. You have a high deductible. And you just paid the rent, a car payment, insurance premium, and credit card bills. There was just enough in your account to get you through another week when your second job’s paycheck came through. Now, there’s a $500 charge sitting in front of you, and you certainly can’t afford another hit on your recovering credit score.

So, you did what anyone in that situation would do. You went to a Cash Fast Center and got a cash advance loan (and even without a credit check). Lucky that you have those two jobs.

On your way out of the hospital, after paying your bill, you aren’t paying much attention and …


You just ran into a nurse. Not just any nurse. The most amazing nurse you’ve ever seen. And guess who’ll now have the money to take her out next Friday when he gets paid from his second job? You lucky dog, you.


Scenario #3: Purchasing That Suit for Your Job Interview

Congratulations. You just finished up your degree. It took a few extra years because you went straight into the workforce when you graduated from high school. But now the loans start coming due, and they’re not exactly a cheap monthly expense. It just so happens, unfortunately, that the one federal loan company accidentally took out a double payment, but there’s nothing the company can do about it. After all, they say, you do owe them that money.

You were supposed to stop at a local retail shop to purchase a suit for a great job interview you have in two days. It could potentially make you nearly twice the amount of money you currently make. So, in other words, it’s important.

After stopping to get a cash advance loan, you go get fitted, purchase the suit, and prep for the interview. At the interview, your (now) future boss says, “That is a nicely tailored suit. I’m impressed.” You nailed the questions they asked and landed the job.

On your way back home, you decide to stop at the tailor to thank him for making you look so immaculate. When you walk in the door, his beautiful niece is at the register. Guess who has a great story and an awesome new job? Guess who needs to ask her on that date?


So, let’s say you don’t meet the love of your life …

In all three scenarios, these young men got won even without finding their true love. The first was able to keep the power and water one; the second was able to pay off some expensive medical bills; and the last landed the job interview.

Now think about your own situation. Have you ever been in a bind? Are you in a bind now? Then it’s time to visit the Cash Fast Center near you to get a cash advance loan without the hassle and without worrying about whether or not your credit will let you get approved.

*Cash Fast services residents of Concord, Gastonia, and Charlotte, NC, as well as Rock Hill, SC, from two locations in South Carolina: Fort Mill and Clover.*