It may be difficult to imagine that an easy payday loan is better than Groundhog Day, especially after watching Bill Murray spectacularly live the same day for an eternity. And while movie magic and folklore may be enticing, the actual facts about this type of quick cash loan would make Punxsutawney Phil forget about his shadow.

And hopefully spring would come early.

Whether the warm weather washes in early or the cold, hard winds stick another six weeks, access to a payday loan remains as easy as ever. After all, you put in a lot of hours for those paychecks; the last thing you need is any more of a hassle.

So, let’s discuss those three reasons you came here to discover

Easy Payday Loans Are Fast

The celebration for Groundhog Day takes (well, quite literally) a day. And there’s no guarantee that spring will be expedited, even if that furry fellow spots his shadow. If you’re unlucky enough, you could end up like Pittsburgh weatherman Phil Connors and spend weeks, months, or years living the same 24 hours—with minor changes based on your decisions.

On the other hand, you can spend just 15 minutes of your time at a Cash Fast location to walk out with cash in your pocket. Or wallet. Or hand. Purse. Satchel? Whatever you want to carry it in!

Easy Payday Loans Are Convenient

Thought Punxsutawney is no easy place to reach, each Cash Fast location is! We have storefronts in Clover and Fort Mill, South Carolina, which make it easy for residents of Charlotte, Gastonia, Rock Hill, and beyond to visit us.

Easy Payday Loans Are Simple

In order to see ole’ Phil on Groundhog Day, you have to get vacation time from work. Make travel plans with the family. Acquire lodging. Drive there. Navigate the detours into town. Navigate the town itself. Manage not to lose your family. Hopefully see the show.

At Cash Fast, you just need to drive to one of our convenient locations and be ready to leave in 15 minutes. No vacation time. No lost family members. Here’s all that you need to bring:

  1. Your most recent checking statement
  2. Your driver’s license
  3. Your social security card
  4. Your check book
  5. Your most recent pay stub

But these three reasons aren’t the end of it. We have some additional benefits.

Everybody Loves Bonus Points: Here Are Two with Cash Fast

So you know that easy payday loans are fast, convenient, and simple. Did you know that they also do not require two steps that most financial institutions base their rejections on?

That’s right. At Cash Fash Centers, we do not conduct a credit check. And we do not require an application. So when you want an affordable cash advance loan, you can come to Cash Fast Centers for guaranteed approval.
So stop by today!