If you’ve got a lot of extra clutter and trash left over from spring cleaning or a summer garage purge, don’t throw it away. You may be surprised to find out that people are willing to buy a lot of the old things you don’t want anymore.

How to Turn Your Clutter into Cash

The internet has provided a great resource for people willing to sell unwanted items. Web sites like eBay and Craigslist provide an opportunity to sell the things that would get overlooked at a yard sale.

Following some simple steps can help you to get the most out of your old stuff:

  • Research similar items online to figure out a fair price.
  • Clean up the item, and improve the quality in any way you can.
  • Take several high-quality pictures.
  • Write a thorough description and be honest about the quality.
  • Make sure to leave buyer and seller reviews if it is an option.

Each sale you make will help build your profile and reputation online, making it even easier to sell more items you don’t use.

Common Household Junk You Can Sell

Board Game Pieces

We’ve all got those board games where a few missing pieces make the game unplayable. Most people replace these pieces with paper clips, or hand drawn cards, but some are willing to pay to complete the set again. Pieces for special-edition or themed games sell for even more.


Everyone knows that phones go for big money online, but there is also a market for the old chargers. Search through your desk drawer for cords and cables of all kinds to make a quick buck.


Clear the clutter of your media cabinet. There’s good money to be made in selling old CD’s you don’t listen to, games you don’t play, movies you don’t watch, or past-prime software install disks. By selling them directly online, you can make even more by cutting out resale markup.

Junk Emails

So this one isn’t physical junk, but your inbox clutter can be just as annoying as the clutter on your desk. Hold onto those old emails a little longer. Pariubus can get you money back on previous online purchases if the price drops.

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