Before applying for a cash advance, it may be wise to stop and ask yourself some questions. Doing so will help you make the best decisions with your money and give yourself the best chance at a positive and successful loan experience.

What to Ask Yourself When Applying for a Cash Advance

Before applying for a cash advance loan, ask yourself the following five questions.

Which type of cash advance should I get?

Cash advances come in multiple forms, and it’s important to get the right type of loan for your situation. Two popular types of cash advances are payday loans and car title loans. A payday loan gives you an advance on your next paycheck, while a car title loan provides you with a larger sum of money using your car as collateral.   

What will I need to bring?

You’ll want to come prepared, so ask yourself what you’ll need for the application process. Depending on which type of cash advance you apply for, you may need some combination of the following:

  • Your most recent checking account statement
  • Your checkbook
  • Your most recent pay stub
  • Your driver’s license
  • Your Social Security card
  • A piece of mail to verify your address
  • Your car title
  • Your car registration information

Is the cash advance loan center reputable?

You don’t want to borrow money from somebody you can’t trust. Ask yourself if your local cash advance loan center is respected, reliable, and reputable.

How much time should I plan for?

Life can be hectic, and you might not have all day to spend at a cash advance center. Find out how long the application process takes and work that (along with travel time) into your schedule to make sure you aren’t late for work or other obligations.

Will I have to undergo a credit check?

If you have less-than-stellar credit, you may be worried about a credit check while applying for a cash advance. Ask yourself if your credit is good enough or whether you will face a credit check at all.

Your Questions Answered at Cash Fast Loan Center

Your final question is probably “Where can I get a cash advance?” And the answer is Cash Fast Loan Center, serving the communities of Charlotte, Concord, and Gastonia in North Carolina along with Clover, Rock Hill, and Fort Mill in South Carolina.

We offer both payday loans and car title loans, and our application process takes no more than 15 minutes with no credit check. Plus, we’re a proud member of the Community Financial Services Association of America’s Best Practices that ensures responsible conduct and protection of your rights. Get your cash advance today to find the answer to your money questions.