It can be difficult to get traditional funding with bad credit. Luckily for those affected, car title loans specifically help bad credit carriers. For these loans, there is one main requirement – using a vehicle as collateral. Here at Cash Fast Loan Center, locally-owned in the Charlotte area, professionals are available for consultations to help clients with a car title loan. As a respectful and neighborly company, they promise the lowest loan rates in the area. So, can you get a car title loan even with bad credit? The answer is: Yes.

Getting a Car Title Loan

Here are some of the eligibility requirements to obtain a car title loan:

Prove Income

To prove one’s income for a car title loan, a client must present their overall monthly earnings. As it is still a loan, professionals at Cash Fast Loan Center wish to know if a client can reasonably pay back their loan along with any accrued interest before approving the lending.

Proving income for a car title loan is easy. Bring your pay stubs, monthly bank statements, relevant invoices, letter of employment, and tax information, to qualify. Clients can also provide self-employment verification, annuity, severance pay, prizes, settlements, awards, or inheritances. Unemployment payments do not count. Once information is reviewed, cash can be in your hands in under 15 minutes. No credit information is required.

Vehicle’s Value

Lenders for a car title loan will also request the offered vehicle’s value, as that can help determine the loan amount. A vehicle’s value includes make, model, year, mileage, and condition. The lender will verify the client owns the car lien-free. They may use Black Book or Kelley Blue Book to come up with the car’s value to determine the title loan amount.

Afterward, consultants will assist clients in a repayment plan that works best for them. For example, only one title loan can be taken out on an individual car, but if a client possesses more than one car, they could be eligible for multiple loans.

Cash Fast Loan Center

Do you need some cash now? At Cash Fast Loan Center, we guarantee an affordable rate for any client around the Charlotte, NC, area, even with bad credit. We offer reliable online applications, in-person consultations, same-day cash loans, and pay off at any time. In addition, our services can ensure all clients get an outstanding car title loan to deal with short-term cash flow issues. Start by filling out the form on our website or call a center near you to make an appointment.